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Alpaca Fleece and Yarn


Why knit with suri? What can I expect?

  • only 15% of all alpacas are suri

  • fine suri yarn is a beautiful lustrous yarn

  • 20% warmer than wool, like cashmere in it softness and silk in drape and luster

  • takes color as beautifully as silk or kid mohair


What are the properties of suri yarn?

  • its drape and weight make it perfect for garments that drape rather than cling

  • fine and open-work garments are warm

  • not as resilient as wool but more resilient than silk, cotton or bamboo

  • suri blocks and holds its shape if it isn't made of heavy yarn and not knit loosely

  • does not contain lanolin so it is a good substitute for those allergic to wool

  • hollow fiber helps regulate your temperature

How do I use my fine suri yarn? How do I find patterns?

  • suri is fine, lustrous, sound, consistent in handle and staple length and considered a luxury fiber
  • the yarn is ideally suited to shawls and scarves but also lace sweaters christening bonnets, dresses and wedding veils
  • whether spun in a fine lace weight or a fingerling weight, it should adapt easily to patterns for such garments. Attention to needle size is important.
  • go down a needle size or two from a pattern created for wool. Always check gauge!
  • patterns for silk and fine cotton should behave much the same way as suri yarns, as these yarns do not have the elasticity of wool.


What needles should I choose?

  • for knitting suri yarn, smooth wooden or bamboo needles are good. For lace projects, addi lace needles are wonderful. As suri is a slippery yarn, the addi lace needles have just enough drag to hold the yarn on the needle and are still fast.
  • needle size can vary according to the project. The finer the needle, the more stable the finished piece.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016