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About Suri Alpacas

The Fiber for Royalty

The alpaca lifestyle: Why we love alpacas.

First, we fell in love with these elegant, gentle animals when we first saw them and never looked back. They were so graceful and elegant as they ran through the fields and they were so curious. It was love at first sight and alpacas have become our passion. Since we were looking for a combination of lifestyle and investment that would carry us into retirement, the choice was simple - Alpacas!

We chose suri alpacas because they are the rarest of breeds, creating a high market demand. On the world market, suri fleece is in high demand for its luster and hand (softness) for the high-fashion textile markets. Today, it commands more than double the price of hucacaya fiber.



Suri alpaca is a high-end, luxury fiber prized for its combination of luster, fineness, slick handle, cool feeling, drape, elegance and strength. No other animal fiber possesses all these qualities and it makes suri highly sought after throughout the world market. Today, it commands more than double the price of huacaya fiber. Suri alpacas are adaptable to both hot and cold climates, making them an excellent investment anywhere in the United States.

Suri alpaca fiber was treasured by Inca rulers and used exclusively for Inca royalty. Suri fiber is truly unique and represents around 15% of the world's alpaca population.

The Suri Network, a livestock association of suri owners and breeders, is dedicated to the suri alpaca.



Tuesday, November 29, 2016