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All Things Alpaca

We offer a wide variety of alpaca yarns, raw alpaca fleece and roving. All of Thunder River Alpaca yarn, roving and raw fleece is from the alpacas that are raised in a natural environment on our farm. We feed only the finest hay and treat our alpacas only when medically necessary.

We offer a wide variety of socks, scarfs, hats, gloves, throws, felted soap, sweaters, t-shirts and children's items.

Alpaca is known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft. What is often forgotten is that alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable and adaptable to every season. The amazing designers behind our clothing are leading the way with innovative concepts and materials that integrate and highlight the best characteristics of alpaca with other natural fibers. They continue to create cutting edge textiles and styles, crafting beautiful designs for every season. Whether you enjoy comfort and warmth during the cold winter months or durability and breath ability in the warm summer season, these alpaca wool products are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Remember...wear alpaca once and you'll never go back to wool!