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Dryer Balls

Dryer Sheet/Fabric Softener Replacement
$6.00 USD

These all natural, eco-friendly dryer balls are hypo-allergenic and made from 100% alpaca fiber. For best results, use two to three for small and medium loads and six or more for larger loads to save up to 25% of your drying time.

Go chemical free! Save your clothing from harmful chemical breakdown from dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

These re-usable dryer balls achieve the following...

1. naturally soften clothes
2. reduces drying time
3. decreases static
4. reduces wrinkles
5. lasts for over 1,000 dryer loads

Add several drops of your favorite essential oils to each ball. The oil absorbs into the fiber and create a wonderful scent for three to four loads.

Product Specifications
Product Specs Made from 100% alpaca fiber from the alpacas on our farm. Each ball is the size of a tennis ball. Size will vary as these are hand made. Colors vary.